What I’m Hearing

While I’m driving all over creation, I listen to a lot of podcasts.  They give me tons to chew on, whether I agree with them or not.  If you’re looking for some thoughts to mull over, here are the names of some folks I’ve had on my iPod lately.  These messages can all be found in the iTunes store as free podcast downloads.

Summer/Fall 2014:

Lots of Ravi Zacharias “Let My People Think” podcasts including

  • Barriers to Belief
  • Life’s Inescapable Questions
  • The Basis for Truth
  • Globalization’s Impact on Evangelism
  • The Withering Western Worldview

John Piper sermons including

  • God is Most Glorified when we are Most Satisfied in Him and
  • Sorrowful Yet Always Rejoicing

Andy Stanley’s Your Move messages including

  • Breathing Room series (so good!)
  • Follow series
  • The Comparison Trap series

James Merritt’s Touching Lives sermons including

  • On the Fringe series
  • Running on Empty and “Do You…” messages from March 2014

R.C. Sproul’s Renewing Your Mind messages including

  • The Question of Conscience
  • Interpretation of the Bible series



(moving all the old info down…)

May 2012

Perry Noble “Unleashed”
Rick Warren’s Ministry Podcasts
Bill Hybels’ and Willow Creek “Awake, My Soul” series
Andy Stanley’s “Christianity” series — challenging, thought-provoking, must-listen
Joseph Prince’s “Superabounding Grace” series
Passion 2007 Beth Moore interview
Craig Groeschel’s “Those People” series — practical, empowering
James Merritt’s Habakkuk series “Doubting God, Debating God, etc.” — I love Habakkuk. 
     This is a solid series on an often-ignored book of the Bible.
Chris Hodges’ “Unstoppable Unity” and “What Matters”
Andy Stanley’s “Staying in Love” series — amazingly good stuff for your marriage!!
A criticism of contemplative prayer by Calvary Chapel Hemet (this one made me 
       mad…don’t condemn people by name from your pulpit when you freely admit that you
       haven’t had time to do your homework about their teaching yet!)
Dallas Willard “Progress in Discipleship”

June 2012

Joyce Meyer’s “Moods” and “Was Life Meant to be Complicated?”
Craig Groeschel’s “Soul Detox” series
– Pt. 1 “The Restless Soul” was EXCELLENT teaching
– Rest of the series also very good
Andy Stanley’s “It Came from Within” messages

July 2012

Joseph Prince “Your Only Battle – the Fight to Remain at Rest” (3 pt.)

August 2012

Andy Stanley’s “Guardrails” series (6 pts.) — FANTASTIC!
Craig Groeschel’s “Perspective” series (4 pts.)
Joyce Meyer “Self Control” (2 pt.)

September 2012

Rick Warren “How to Create a Culture of Innovation in Your Church”
Beth Moore “From First to Finished”
Perry Noble “What Makes a Great Team”
James Merritt – “The Good, the Bad & The Ugly,”
“The Freedom Freedom Brings,”
“The Fugitive”
“In It to Win It”
Bill Hybels and Willow Creek “RISK” 3-part series

October 2012

Andy Stanley’s “Your Move” series
Rick Warren’s “How to Stay Fresh in Ministry”
and “How to Maintain Joy in Ministry”

November 2012

Saddleback (Rick Warren’s) “Work” Series – EXCELLENT!
Andy Stanley’s “When God…” Series
Willow Creek (Bill Hybels) “Wiser” Series
Saddleback’s “You Make Me Crazy” Series

December 2012

David Klinkenberg’s The Carol of Emmanuel
Les Miserables Original Cast Album (getting ready for the movie!!)
Elf Soundtrack
Handel’s Messiah


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