Good – Better – Best: Intentional Balance


Easy. I balance without even trying.







A little heel. A supportive structure. I’m a little balance-challenged, but can still walk well without much thought.



It’s a challenge. Gotta plan for it….be intentional.  But when I walk into a room in these without losing my balance, I have accomplished something!

strappy heels

My Goal for 2013:

Intentional Balance.   Plan for it.

Work and Rest.

People and Solitude.

Mind and Body.

I don’t want to downsize my life to flats, even though they’re easier.

I don’t even want to always choose the well-structured moderate heel.

I want to plan wisely to make the most out of walking out my strappy-stiletto-life, living intentionally, cultivating the strength to confidently keep it all in balance.

No fear.  No regrets.  No self-conscious, inappropriate apologies.  No resentment.  No exhaustion.


Good – Better – Best: 4th of July Pie

GOOD: Pie.  Pie is good.  Period.

BETTER:  4th of July Pie.  AppleBerry.  And yes, I cut a flag on the top crust and baked it myself!

BEST:  Living in this country with the freedoms we have been given by so many who have bravely protected us!

Happy Independence Day, Everyone!


Good – Better – Best: Ruby Slippers

Appreciating the stuff of everyday life is important!

GOOD:  Ruby slippers from my 18-year-old son Jake for Mother’s Day.

BETTER:  They fit like a dream.  I click my heels together three times…

BEST:  The note from Jakey duct-taped to the shoebox.