About Sabrina & Perpetually Falling

I think God is….words fail.  And for me, quintessential word-geek, that’s sayin’ something.

I need Jesus.  I need Him as my Savior and my wisdom and my righteousness.  I need Him to be in charge of my life because I most certainly cannot be trusted with the job.  I need Him as my bread and wine and words and quiet.  I need Him as my breath and rest and power and laughter and comfort.

I’m really grateful that He is delighted to be all of that and more.

For all of us who ask Him.

I am married to Fred, a man who prays like he means it.

I have a lot of kids: three step-kids who stretched my heart and four biological kids here on earth who are responsible for the stretch marks on my belly, as well.  One more biological kid, Beatrice Marie or “Bebe”, has been in heaven since just after her birth in 1996.  She has already mastered the art of perpetually falling to the tune of “Holy, holy…”  I can’t wait to fall down next to her someday.

I homeschool.  I love homeschooling and homeschoolers, and I have the best business partners in the world over at 7SistersHomeschool.com.  If you’re looking for curriculum, coaching, and community from veteran homeschool moms, click on over!

I love the Bible.  I like to read it.  I like to write about what I read.  I like to share it with others.  I like to speak about it.  I like to sing its words.  I like to help others understand it.  I like to pray its verses.  That’s pretty much what this blog is for.  I get writer’s cramp when I journal out my Bible study times.  I type a lot faster, anyway.  So there you go.

Perpetually Falling is a place for me to write as I study the Bible, and it’s a place where you are invited to share your responses to the Word as well.  Please feel free to share anything you find here with friends, your local study group, etc.; I’d just appreciate it if you’d mention my name when you copy my stuff. (BTW, the stuff I write for 7 Sisters is copyrighted, so try not to get ’em mixed up.  ‘Preciate it.)

Why the weird title?

Here’s the post that explains it in depth. The short answer is: I want to be like the elders around the throne in Revelation 4. It says that they continually fall down in worship before God. It never mentions them getting up and starting over. They are perpetually falling somehow. Isn’t that awesome?  


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