Weeks Seven and Eight: Finding God’s Fingerprints on the Interstate

Weeks Seven and Eight of my Finding Fingerprints adventure. I’m visiting a different church every week to see all the cool things that God is up to in the various gatherings of believers in Jesus in my community. John 17, baby — Let’s find that unity that Jesus wanted for us!

Sundays #7 and #8, Oct. 19 and 26, 2014

On the road to Florida with my husband, Fred

Messages from  Andy Stanley –

Parts 1-5 of “Starting Point”

and a worship music mix of some of our favorites

Week Seven Finding God's Fingerprints on the Interstate


Fred and I were taking a road trip to Ft. Myers, FL, and his work schedule made it necessary for us to cover many hundreds of miles on each of the 2 Sundays we were away. So we took it literally that if two are gathered in Jesus’ name, we got us a worship service, and we had church together in the car both Sundays.

Andy  Stanley’s podcasts provided the teaching, and excellent series (we listened to 5 messages) called Starting Point. He has been explaining how the faith of our childhood often gets battered as we enter adulthood, and instead of just feeling guilty for not believing like we did when we were little, we need to create a new starting point with God as adults. The messages are so very good, and so timely in helping me understand more and more of the struggles my kids have all had carrying their childhood faith into adulthood.

Fred and I had rich conversation after the messages, and then prayed together for all sorts of needs.

He had me make a mix of 35 worship songs on his iPod before we left home, and we sang along and listened and prayed and talked to the music. Particularly meaningful to both of us: Casting Crowns’ “The Voice of Truth.

Personal Notes:

I love traveling with my husband. I love having the time in the car to talk. And I love having church in the car with him. It doesn’t take the place of gathering with other believers in larger groups, but it’s precious. It truly “felt like church” both Sundays!


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