Week Six: Finding God’s Fingerprints in a Converted Warehouse

Week Six of my Finding Fingerprints adventure. I’m visiting a different church every week to see all the cool things that God is up to in the various gatherings of believers in Jesus in my community. John 17, baby — Let’s find that unity that Jesus wanted for us!

Sunday #6, Oct. 12, 2014

A Smallish Non-Denominational Community Church with about 100 in attendance

Message: Honor Your Father and Mother (guest speaker)

Finding Fingerprints Week 6


The vibe this week was casual. This small, contemporary fellowship was similar to many in which I’ve worshiped over the years. It was easy to feel at home, and a few friendly folks smiled and said hello.

The worship band played and sang well, and the pastor greeted the congregation with a reminder of the importance of knowing The Ten Commandments, the foundation upon which the Old Covenant rested, and which was so beautifully fulfilled by Jesus in the New Covenant. A series on The Ten Commandments was continuing this Sunday, and a guest speaker shared. The pastor had preached on the Sabbath the week before, then had taken a week of rest for himself and his family. I thought that was pretty cool. It is a beautiful thing when people see their shepherds take care of themselves and their need for rest.

We celebrated the Lord’s Supper at the end of the message, and everyone went to the table and took the bread and juice as they felt ready to. It was nice to be able to participate as a body of believers but also feel very much focused on my own personal prayer time as I remembered the sacrifice of Christ for my sin.

An unusual, neat side note was an announcement that was made for a financial planning event to be held in the near future. One of the church members is a financial planner and was offering a free information session to help people figure out what was strong and what needed work in their personal finances.

Personal Notes:
The church meets in a newly renovated space that used to be an electronics repair shop and warehouse. I can remember taking some electronic device or other there when I was a kid for repair. It was somehow really cool to see that space converted into a worship space.

I got a lovely follow-up email from the pastor after my visit here. I liked getting to share with him about my Finding Fingerprints adventure; I’ve begun keeping a list of all the churches I visit on the wall of my office so that I can pray for all these congregations.

(Further Note: This pastor has continued to reach out by email over the intervening weeks, and has been praying for ME and my adventure, even as I’ve been praying for his church. Isn’t that cool? Building unity…building unity…building unity…)


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