Good – Better – Best: Intentional Balance


Easy. I balance without even trying.







A little heel. A supportive structure. I’m a little balance-challenged, but can still walk well without much thought.



It’s a challenge. Gotta plan for it….be intentional.  But when I walk into a room in these without losing my balance, I have accomplished something!

strappy heels

My Goal for 2013:

Intentional Balance.   Plan for it.

Work and Rest.

People and Solitude.

Mind and Body.

I don’t want to downsize my life to flats, even though they’re easier.

I don’t even want to always choose the well-structured moderate heel.

I want to plan wisely to make the most out of walking out my strappy-stiletto-life, living intentionally, cultivating the strength to confidently keep it all in balance.

No fear.  No regrets.  No self-conscious, inappropriate apologies.  No resentment.  No exhaustion.


Merry Christmas, Whether You’re Into Christmas or Not

Jesus LoveChristmas depression?  Been there.

Grinchy years?  Yup.  Sometimes there’s a reason the Whos down in Whoville get on your nerves.

Merry-merry years?  Absolutely!  Love ’em!

Whatever kind of Christmas you’re having this year…

Whatever circumstances you are facing while the world is jingling bells and decking halls…

One thing is certain.


He is God.  He is good.  He loves you.

Stand on what’s true.  Ignore the rest if you need to.

And consider yourself hugged (if you’re into that sort of thing).

Merry Christmas!


Introducing: GATHERINGS – my heart for 2013

From my new Facebook Page for a local group beginning Jan. 4th:


Isn’t it a shame that we split up so much, staying in separate buildings when we all follow the same Lord and Savior?

Over the last year, my husband Fred and I (I’m Sabrina Culley Justison, btw), my parents (Jerry and Betty Culley on the right below), and several of our friends from a variety of local churches have discovered a shared desire for a place with no affiliation other than Jesus Christ, a place where we could GATHER in only His name for an evening. Not a church in the most commonly-understood sense in America today; churches are good but different.

Avus and AvaJust a GATHERING of people who want to love God, love others, and love His unique designs for each of our lives.

A GATHERING without a formal agenda, without denomination.

A GATHERING of people praying together, discussing the scriptures together, and enjoying fellowship with one another.

Additionally, my husband’s shift-work schedule makes it impossible for us to worship together in traditional Sunday services many weeks, and we miss that connection. So these Gatherings are being scheduled around his shift schedule at work…and twice a month feels just a bout right for now, anyway! 🙂

Want to join us? You’re welcome!
Want to share the invitation with others I’ve never met? Knock yourself out!

Hope to gather with you sometime soon, in Jesus’ name.