Giving Praise Generously in Your Homeschool

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The new year has begun! Before we get too far into things, let’s set a tone of

generous praise in our homeschools.

Sometimes you just gotta clap and cheer!

Praise definitions run something like this:

n. The expression of approval or admiration for someone or something;

v. To express a favorable judgment of: to commend.

Give your children generous praise.

Our kids need to be praised when they follow our instructions. Obedience is a quality deserving of approval and admiration. We are quick to correct when there is disobedience (and children NEED correction), but let’s be just as quick to express a favorable judgment of the moments when they obey quickly and with a cheerful attitude.

Our kids need to be praised when they put forth a full effort and fall short of the goal. Perseverance in the face of apparent failure is a quality the scripture tells us to applaud. Continuing on after a fall is almost impossible for a child who is not praised for his diligent efforts.

Give yourself generous praise.

We need to praise ourselves for godly choices we make in managing our homeschools. If our definition of praise is “to express a favorable judgment of something,” then we need to look in the mirror and say without reservation, “I just took three times as long to teach that lesson as I thought I would, but I hung in there and kept the tone positive until she really understood it….hooray for hanging in there, Mama!

Or maybe even this one: “I just ditched that math lesson because his little eyes were so glazed over that I could see what he needed was to go play outside in the fresh air for a half an hour. Good job ministering to my child instead of just stressing about the schedule I set for his academics!

Most importantly –

Give God generous praise.

Not just thanks for the things you noticed Him doing.

Not just trust for the solutions to your problems.


Do you ever look at a field of sunflowers and just applaud because God did such a nice job?

Have you ever read your passage from the Bible out loud because it needs to be said for all to hear, “Who is like You, O Lord? My tongue will speak of Your righteousness and of Your praises all day long!” (Ps. 35)

Give it a shot, just simple and from the heart: “Wow, God, You do this whole running-the-universe thing so well! I am so glad You are in charge!”

Remind yourself and your kids of who He is: “Jesus, You are Savior, Redeemer, Bridegroom, and King of kings….You alone!”

Join your voice with the hosts of heaven around the eternal throne. “Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God almighty who was and who is and who is to come!”

A homeschool mom who is generous with her praise is a homeschool mom who will make it through the year victoriously!